Michael Polledri MBE

Michael Polledri MBE

The Foundation has been created with a view to improving the lives of young people. Founded by Michael Polledri MBE, Chairman of Lee Valley Estates, the focus will be on the geographical area in which Lee Valley Estates have operated for over 27 years. These factors are summarised in the Foundation’s Mission Statement:

“To work with young people from north London and the Lee Valley Corridor to help them achieve above and beyond society’s expectation of them in terms of work, leisure and their community”.

Our aim is to identify and assist young people who, for whatever reason, cannot find the full support they require to help them attain their goals. The support available can take many forms e.g. financial, training, mentoring, work placement etc. and will be designed to fit each individuals needs. We believe in being flexible.

Our young people are the entrepreneurs, community leaders, innovators, role-models, employers and work force of the future.