The Chamber: hire fees, terms and conditions of use

The Chamber benefits from being a smaller venue with a capacity of up to 110 people (dependent on layout requirements) so, depending on the type of event for which you are booking, it may be possible to make The Chamber available for part of the day. The Chamber is an accessible venue.

The Chamber is hired out on a “dry hire” basis, with tables and chairs arranged as requested and that our staff have your floor plan well in advance of the event.

The maximum number of persons in attendance at any event is 110.

Hire charges

Hire charges are determined by many variables including but not limited to the day of the week, the time of day, the duration of hire, the consumption of alcohol, the number of persons present, whether and what food will be required. This being so we ask potential clients to contact us so we can cater to your needs and quote an inclusive price.


It is a condition of any booking that any event must end not later than 10L30pm unless special provision has been agreed in advance.

It is a condition of any booking that the hiree is responsible for leaving Leyton Great Hall (and any other parts of the building used) in the condition in which it was found which requires the hiree to remove any/all of his/her equipment from the venue and dispose of all refuse in accordance with the instructions laid down by the hirer.

The hiree agrees to have vacated the premises not later than midnight and the hirer reserves the right to levy an additional charge per hour (or part thereof) to cover staff and any security costs in the event that the venue is not vacated completely by midnight.

What is included?

  • For daytime hires up to 5pm
    • The hirer will provide tables and chairs set out as agreed with the hiree.
    • The hirer can provide tea and coffee-making materials and biscuits at a cost.
    • The hirer can provide buffet services at an additional cost for events such as seminars, training days or conferences dependent upon your needs.
  • For hires up to 10:30pm
    • The same provisions and costs apply as per daytime hires but, in addition:
      • The kitchen must be left, as it was found and all materials brought in of any kind must be removed.
      • All refuse must be disposed of by the hiree in the bins provided.
      • The hirer may require the presence of security staff at any evening event and the hiree agrees to abide by any conditions laid down by the hirer.