Leyton Great Hall: hire fees, terms and conditions of use

Leyton Great Hall benefits from having a risen stage and with a capacity of up to 300 people (dependent on layout requirements) so can host most events and event types. Leyton great Hall is an accessible venue.

Leyton Great Hall is hired out on a “dry hire” basis, with tables and chairs arranged as requested and that our staff have your floor plan well in advance of the event.

The maximum number of persons in attendance at any event is 300.

Hire charges

Hire charges are determined by many variables including but not limited to the day of the week, the time of day, the duration of hire, the consumption of alcohol, the number of persons present, whether and what food will be required. This being so we ask potential clients to contact us so we can cater to your needs and quote an inclusive price.

Exceeding the contracted hours attracts a charge of £95 (£125 on Saturdays, Sundays and £175 on public holidays) up to the maximum charge for a day’s hire on the applicable day and the organization reserves the right to charge at the applicable rate over and above these rates in the event that it has provided security staff.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  MAY ANY GAS CANISTER BE BROUGHT ONTO THE PREMISES. The hirer reserves the right to require the immediate removal of any gas canister found on the premises irrespective of whether or not this impacts on the event in preparation or in progress. This condition is not negotiable.

It is a condition of any booking that any event must end not later than 11pm and that all guests must have vacated the premises not later than 11.30pm.

It is a condition of any booking that the hiree is responsible for leaving Leyton Great Hall (and any other parts of the building used) in the condition in which it was found which requires the hiree to remove any/all of his/her equipment from the venue and dispose of all refuse in accordance with the instructions laid down by the hirer.

The hiree agrees to have vacated the premises not later than midnight and the hirer reserves the right to levy an additional charge per hour (or part thereof) to cover staff and any security costs in the event that the venue is not vacated completely by midnight.

What is included?

  • For daytime hires up to 5pm
    • The hirer will provide tables and chairs set out as agreed with the hiree.
    • The hirer can provide tea and coffee-making materials and biscuits at a cost.
    • The hirer can make available a digital projector and (if necessary) a screen at an additional cost of £50 for the period of hire.
    • The hirer can make available a digital piano (which is also a General Midi instrument) at an additional cost of £50 for the period of the hire.
    • The hirer can provide buffet services at an additional cost for events such as seminars, training days or conferences dependent upon your needs.
  • For hires up to 11:30pm
    • The same provisions and costs apply as per daytime hires but, in addition:
      • If the kitchen is available for use then the hiree may engage caterers approved by the hirer at additional cost to prepare and serve hot meals to guests.
      • The kitchen must be left, as it was found and all materials brought in of any kind must be removed.
      • All refuse must be disposed of by the hiree in the bins provided.
      • The hirer may require the presence of security staff at any evening event and the hiree agrees to abide by any conditions laid down by the hirer.

Hirees accept that their hire may not be the only hire on any given day and that there may be hires on the following day. Hirees therefore accept that their event must end promptly and must be cleared down just as promptly, leaving the venue in the condition in which it was found to enable the hirer to prepare the venue for use by the next hiree.

During any hire of the venue, the hiree will be informed as to the person who is, for the time being, the Manager. All persons present at any event must comply with any instructions issued by the Manager promptly and at all times. Whilst the Manager will be accommodating where possible, it is part of the role of the Manager to ensure the safety of persons present and further to ensure that the premises are being used in accordance with all building regulations, insurance conditions and further to ensure that no nuisance is caused to residents in the vicinity.

Financial terms and conditions

  • A proposed hire is accepted by the hirer only on payment by the hiree of 50% of the agreed cost of the hire by way of a part-refundable deposit. If the event is cancelled more than two months prior to the date of the event then half of the deposit will be refunded.
  • The balance of the hire must be paid in full at least six weeks ahead of the date of the hire.
  • The hirer reserves the right to cancel the hire in the event that the full cost of the hire is not paid by the due date but to require payment in full at its absolute discretion, as it is unlikely that the venue can be otherwise hired to another client.

The above fees, terms and conditions of use form the basis of the contract between the hiree and the hirer. It may be that the circumstances of the hire require that these standard terms be varied or augmented at the sole discretion of the organization. Any variation of these terms will be agreed and notified in writing by the hirer to the hiree and the hiree is deemed to have agreed to any and all terms and conditions (be they standard or augmented and notified, as described) if the event proceeds to within six weeks of the hire date.